Hello, I'm Steve, I'm back.

The end of the last air king comparison , we can not return to the ground for the time being , after all , the yellow lightning in the starry sky is still waiting for us ,

Milgauss as Rolex's super anti-magnetic models , its unique green crystal and lightning seconds hand for everyone to know , in addition to the impression of Rolex seldom have the presence of the element of orange ,

but individually endowed with the Milgauss this eye-catching color embellishments , which makes Milgauss look even more unique .

This makes the Milgauss even more unique. For the replica, although we do not have Gen's super strong anti-magnetic ability, but its appearance is still favored by many friends, so today let's look at which lightning flash is the most shining.

It is easy to get thirsty when I talk too much crap. Let's get started.

Dial front view

Natual Light View

Light View


When I first got all the watches, I realized it was a sad comparison. Thankfully the Milgauss also has a black dial, which is something I had considered before I started the preparations.

After all, there is no color difference in the black dial, so why don't we see how big the color difference in the blue really is .

And this is the most comprehensive exterior comparison since the comparison work began,It is also intended to give you a comprehensive view of the visual effects of lightning in different angles of the environment.

The differences are still clear, and I'm tired of shooting, so I will leave the comments to you guys ,LOL.

Bezel View

There is no intuitive problem with the shape of the bezel, but BP is a little narrower on the side and has too much clearance from the case,

and I'm curious because GM and BP claim to be the same factory on many models, just with different steels, but every time I compare them there is still a slight difference between the two.

In addition, we can zoom in on Figure 1 to see that there is a clear cross-section of Gen transitioning from the front of the bezel to the side, a detail apparently overlooked by all three factories.

The good news is that to the naked eye, this is not a problem.

Crystal Side View

The Gen crystal are green both inside and outside, the outer side of AR in this view is green, but the colour is not obvious, and if you adjust the angle of view it is sometimes transparent,

whereas the Gen crystal are green no matter what the angle of view, and the outer side of the GM and BP are completely transparent.

Crown and Stick View




AR factory should not be updated for many years, the shape of the crown is still the same as it was many years ago,

the lower edge of the mouth is too rounded, and the corners of the stick are not polished, obviously GM and BP are better in this regard.

 Luminous Fill View

All the factories have a certain graininess, in addition we can look at the border of the large stick, probably caused by the lack of rounding, AR seems a little too wide. GM and BP are a little better.

Oil font view






In orange, AR has better colour control, GM and BP are a bit darker, but AR's 'ROLEX' lettering is a bit flawed, it is too thin and the closing feet are a bit long.

Second hand view
As with the fonts, again the AR colours are closer to Gen, with GM and BP still a little on the darker side.

Middle Axis View


AR uses a solid Middle Axis , but it is hidden a bit deep, GM and BP are both hollow. The centre sleeves are all pretty much the same, no winners or losers.

Side Rehaut View

Comparatively speaking, AR's Rehaut are superior, with better sculpted shapes and clarity than the GM and BP, whose fonts are both too short.

Crown Side View


The teeth are all slightly chamfered, and like Gen, they feel slightly cut to the touch.

Case Side View



The side shapes are all fine, regarding the engraving, AR does a great job, clear and clean , GM and BP are a little less so,

the position is a little off. In addition, the engraved code for the BP is 126900, guessing that there may not have been enough of the corresponding case to go around, so an Air King case was used for assembly.


Endlink Side View

AR is closer on the inside, whereas for the outside, GM and BP look and feel better, with the AR gaping a little too wide.

Caseback View


In terms of the regularity and placement of the print, AR is better, GM is unevenly glossy when zoomed in, and the placement of BP is slightly more random.

Also GM and BP have an extra 2380 engraving on the back.

View of the antimagnetic cover.


After opening the back cover, Gen is also covered with an anti-magnetic cover, although it is hidden inside, the three factories did not neglect this accessory,

only the replicas does not have the Gen's anti-magnetic effect, but AR is more attentive, and is equipped with a waterproof gasket on the outer edge, just like the Gen.

Bracelet Details View



Lume View

In dark environments, the graininess presented by the Lumes is very bright.

The colour of AR is a bit bluish in the picture comparison, well it is not noticeable in the actual comparison .
Movement View

AR is equipped with the A2836 movement, which has a vacant calendar slot. Currently not available for AR's version of the A3131 movement.

GM and BP are both movement A3131 and are also available as movement A2836.

Data Comparison View



Note: All measurements are in a clamped state, and there may be tolerance due to slight deviations in the position of the caliper. All protective films on steel strap of replicas are not torn off. In addition, Gen intercepted three sections of the Bracelet.

Well, this is today’s post, thank you guys for watching, if there are any mistakes, please correct me. If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to do it complementary and comprehensive, welcome to comment and exchange!

I will continue to bring you more detailed comparisons between replicas and GEN, which is for you guys to better choose your favorite replicas.

(Note: Some photos deviate from the real object due to the angle of the light. The details are mainly written in text. The size of the comparison picture is relatively large. You can download it and enlarge it for comparison.)

There is no perfect replica, only your favorite replica.



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