Hello everyone, this is Steve, we have already dismantled the 3135 and 4130 movements, of course the 3235 movement would not be missed, so here it is.

We have dismantled the genuine 3235 movement to do a full comparison with the VS3235 (the VS3235 movement originated from the Dandong movement factory and currently, it is exclusively used by the VS factory) and the VR3235.

Without further ado, let's get started and see what changes and upgrades have been made to the genuine 3232 movement compared to the 3135.

Mainplate view

Gen Rolex 3235 movement was launched in 2015, although the main structure was improved from the 3135 movement, 90% of the components have been upgraded and optimised. VS3235 is same as GEN.

The mainplate of the VR3235 is same as that of the VR3135, there is a certain difference with GEN, old wine in new bottle, there is still a shock absorber less than GEN.

Both VS and VR have engraved movement codes on the mainplate, VS looks not deep enough, while there is a black coating of VR on the engraved area to make it look clear, in my opinion, that’s a backfire.

Calendar Wheel

For calendar wheel structure, VS is same as GEN, VR uses same calendar wheel of 3135. Just from the mainplate and the calendar wheel, we could see clearly that the overall structure of VR3235 is still the VR3135, there are no many changes. VS3235 is the real mold reproduction of the genuine 3235.

Automatic Rotor

The GEN 3235 movement has upgraded from the pin bearing of the 3135 movement to the ball bearing, which greatly improves the winding efficiency of the movement (the 4130 movement is also ball bearing).

VS and VR improve this part as well, but there are only 7 balls in inner grooves. The inner grooves of GEN are all filled with balls.

Automatic winding mechanism

We can see that the automatic reverse wheel of 3235 movement is made of all brass, and the red coating treatment of the 3135 movement has been removed (hereby I checked the information, the automatic reverse wheel of 3135 movement is made of aluminum alloy.

Aluminum should be coated to increase wear resistance as it is relatively soft, while it is unnecessary to coating of brass.)

The automatic winding mechanism of VS and VR is consistent with GEN, and VR has one ruby less on the bearing of the reduction wheel than GEN.

balance wheel mechanism

The biggest difference of balance wheel mechanism is that there are calibration bulges of replica 3235. We have mentioned this in comparison post of 3135 movement, you friend can see there if don’t clear.

Here we talk about the shock absorber, GEN uses the paraflex shock absorber, compare with the KIF absorber of 3135, it is said that the stability of paraflex is 50% higher. VS3235 and VR3235 are not sloppy, they also use the shock absorber with the same appearance as GEN.

Escapement fork plate, escapement fork and escapement wheel

The escapement wheel of GEN 3235 has also been optimized, changing from the stainless steel material of 3135 to a lighter nickel-phosphorus alloy.

At the same time, the shape has been hollowed out, including the outer gears have also changed significantly.

Both VS and VR use the escapement wheel of their own 3135 movement, there are still some differences in appearance from GEN.

Wheels Clamp

There is also a shock absorber less from the wheels clamp of VR than GEN. This shock absorber is connected to the top of escapement wheel. The missing shock absorber on the mainplate of VR is connected to the bottom of escapement wheel.

Same as VR3135, there are two less shock absorbers of VR3235 than GEN.

Drive wheels (2, 3, 4 wheels) and second wheel plate

For the wheel system, the layout of GEN 3235 movement is different from 3135, the second wheel and the 2nd wheel are overlapped and on the same central axis, which is more advanced. For the structure of wheel layout, VS and VR are same as GEN.

There is little difference in VR on parts. The third wheel of VR3235 is same as VR3135, the center gear is different from GEN, and the second wheel plate is also different.

Instant-jump calendar mechanism

The Instant-jump structure of GEN 3235 has been changed to an integrated one, it is simplified and more stronger, 3135 is a split structure. VS is consistent with GEN, VR still uses the 3135 instant-jump calendar component.

Manual calendar mechanism

The four wheels of VR3235 are also same as VR3135. The top of the four wheels of GEN 3235 has been changed to four gears, and a toggle part is linked below.

Crown Shank Shaft

The structure of the shank shaft of VS is same as GEN, and the VR is slightly different.

Clockwork plates

The engraved lettering on clockwork plates of VS are very clear and meticulous, although there are some differences in color.

For lettering “ADJ” includes the letters behind, VS and VR are different with GEN in order, because there are slightly adjustments on engraving of GEN movement in different age.

Vertical and clutch wheels

The vertical wheel and clutch wheel of VR3235 are also same as VR3135, while for GEN, the occlusal position of vertical wheel and clutch wheel has changed from bevel occlusal to gear occlusal.

Well, for the following components, we would not compare one by one, you friends could compare them via photos below if interested in.

VS is consistent with GEN basically. Many parts of VR are still same as VR3135 components, so some parts of VR are not same as GEN or even missing. I will not upload pictures of some extra parts of VR.

Clockwork Box

Large Steel Wheels

Clockwork wheel

Over wheel of clockwork wheel

Over wheel of friction minute wheel

Hour wheel

Centre date wheel

Intermediate wheel

Stop second spring plate

Hands wheel presses

Setting bolt

Pole spring


Other accessories


Okay, above are the comparison photos of other accessories. We have not uploaded some small parts. In general, the overall structure of VS3235 movement including parts is consistent with GEN, except for certain differences in some parts.

We could say that the similarity is more than 95%. It is reasonable to be called the best 3235 clone movement at the moment. The most important thing is that the power reserve has reached nearly 70 hours, which is indeed commendable.

And the VR3235 movement is less than satisfactory, it is change some places slightly base on VR3135 movement, but many internal components are still different from GEN 3235.

today's post is here, thank you guys for watching. If there are any mistakes, please correct me.

There is no perfect replica, only the one you prefer.