Hello, guys. I'm Steve and I'm back. We've already done two comparisons of the Submariner series, 126610LV and 116613LB, so let's get back to the classics.

As the ace of the Submariner range, the 116610LV needs no introduction to its popularity, so let's get started.

Dial front view

View of the dial in natural light

View of the dial under lighting

116610LV has a famous name in our country, that is “green water ghost” (hulk), so the dial color has naturally become the focus, the gen color is dark green, after repeated observation and comparison of the real objects,

VS and KING's color is the closest to GEN, especially KING's black and green gradient effect is the most similar to GEN, Clean is also good, but the radial pattern is a bit stronger.

The biggest color difference is ZF factory, too bright. But it is difficult to notice the difference without comparing them side by side. Which factory do you think has the better color?

Side view of bezel

The VS factory uses the V4 of the clean bezel. The color and brightness of the clean bezel are very good, and there is almost no color difference compared to the GEN,

while the bezel of ZF and KING are also actually very good, and there is no difference between the color and the clean bezel.

After checking with the factory, ZF factory claims to be using the clean V1 bezel and KING claims to be using the clean V4 bezel as well.

Side view of the teeth insert

The shape of the KING's teeth is distinctly different from the GEN's, and the brushed finish on the side of the ZF is too obvious, which has led to a more pronounced depth.

Side view of the glass

VS and KING do not have chamfered mirror edges, and although clean and ZF do, they do not have the same shape as GEN.

view of the bezel digital

As explained earlier, all four factories use the Clean bezel, and the clean bezel is worthy of being the best submariner green bezel available today, with a platinum filling that is very close to the GEN color and a very regular and fine filling.

This is why all the major factories have adopted the clean fitting, which shows that it has been fully accepted by the market, including the factories.

Pearl View

There are slight differences between the factories and GEN colors, VS and KING are slightly whitish, while CLEAN is a little darker, ZF is too yellow and the edges are raised too high.

Markers side view

In addition to the ZF factory,other three factories have done chamfering, especially the ZF dot scale is obviously different with the GEN , you can see the side has a prominent section.

Luminous Filled View

The luminescent filling of the hands and indexes, which have a certain granularity, are not so different from each other in this respect, it is hard to say which one is better or not, as long as they are not smoothly finished.

Oil font View

The control of the oil font in all four factories is very good, but if you zoom in on the picture, the ZF is not good enough in some places.

Hands View

Clean center sleeve is very well made, very close to the GEN in cross-sectional shape and height, the VS and KING are different in shape but still very well made, the ZF has obvious burn marks.

rehaut side view

The engraving of the rehaut varies from factory to factory, In comparison, Clean looks clearer overall.

Calendar window side view

The edges of the window are chamfered by VS, clean and ZF, but not as much as by GEN, and not by KIGN.

Crown side view

There are no obvious differences in the position of the crown, but a friend recently asked me about the crown logo not facing upwards when the crown is tightened, so here's an explanation:

For comparison purposes, all the watches were photographed with the crown unscrewed, and the crown orientation was random when tightened, as is the case with the genuine one.

Case side view

Caseback view

In comparison, the edges of the teeth on the ZF base are not very well finished and are not very flat in places. The genuine product seems a bit dirty due to its age.

SEL side view

The position of the endlink is slightly different between the factories, but I think VS is closer to it than GEN.

Strap details view

The engraving on the inside of the clasp varies from factory to factory, so you can compare for yourself. There is definitely a clear difference between the macro photos and the GEN, but to the naked eye it is not really possible to tell who is better.

Movement view

All three factories use the VS3135 movement, except for ZF, which uses the VR3135 movement. Clean and KING movements do not have movement code numbers engraved on the mainplate, while VS and ZF do have the movement code engraved, but the VS is yellow.

Laser Marker and Luminous View

The factories laser markers are all similar in shape and the luminous colours are all the same as the GEN.

Data comparison chart

Note: All watches are measured in a clamped state, and there may be errors due to the slight deviation of the position of the caliper. In addition, GEN intercepts the strap, and the factory has a steel strap protective film that has not been torn off.

Well, today's post is here, thank you guys for watching. If there are any mistakes, please correct me. If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to complete it. Welcome to comment and exchange!

I will continue to bring you more detailed comparisons between replica watches and GEN’s. And it is also for you to choose the favorite models conveniently.

Illustration: Some photos deviate from the real object due to the light source. For details, please refer to the content. The size of the comparison picture is relatively large, you can download it and enlarge it for comparison.

There is no perfect replica, only the one you prefer.