Hello everyone, I'm Steve 
This time we will compare with of Yacht-Master 126622-0001 Gen, Clean, VR, GM, CS. Let’s beginning!

Front Dial View and natural light photo

There are a little color different of dial between four factories by repeated testing.GEN is gray-brown in sunshine light,The Gm is closet to the GEN from my personal view. The grey color of VR and CLEAN are too light, CS is dim grey.

Bezel Side View

The bezel color of the Four factories are too light, The bezel color of VR is dimer than others.there are significant different with the GEN.

( The bezel color of the GEN is a little dark yellow that shall be the reason to wear a watch for a long time. A new GEN looks like more brighter).

Glass Side View

The GM done well for the kit lugs of front glass, it’s close to the GEN. The thickness of the CLEAN’S kit lugs made it too obvious, And the VR and GS seems like had not handled kit lugs.

Teeth Side View

The shape of the teeth is similar
The CS bezel is so tight against the side of the case that there is almost no gap, as same as for blue yacht from other factories.
As can be seen from the second picture, the GM and CS below the bezel are different from GEN in terms of structure and polishing treatment.
CLEAN is very close to GEN, then is VR. However, there is a problem with CLEAN in the section below the bezel mouth, there are very clear horizontal line

Bezel Digital View

All factories have done the edge kit lugs treatment of digits and sticks, but GM and CS are too smooth, CLEAN and VR are better! At least the difference with GEN will not be so big!

Triangular view

CS's triangle is too small
The four factories are different in shape and distance control! Combining these two data, I think Clean and GM are better.

Stick side view

Compared with other factories, the CLEAN is the best one, it done well in stick shape, kit lugs and polishing! The other factories are slightly insufficient!

Oil Font View

On the whole, the font and flatness of CLEAN, VR, and GM are not bad, and the flatness of CS is slightly worse!
CLEAN done well in the blue yacht-master font, the color of font is close to GEN! The other three factories are a little darker!

Luminous Filled View

The luminous filling of the stick is too smooth for GM and CS, the graininess of CLEAN and VR is very good, and the color of VR will be closer to GEN.

Middle Axle View

The middle axle of CLEAN is most closest to GEN, Unfortunately, the flatness is too poor, and there are obvious welding marks.
The CLEAN’s second hand color is the most closest to GEN, then is VR, GM, CS is dark blue!

Rehaut View

The CLEAN is still done best in rehaut font, but I think that its font R is a little too long! What do you think!

Window Side View

The overall cross-sectional shape and the excess of the edges are slightly worse for VR, and the other three factories are not bad!
The color of the GEN window is a little gray, although it has a certain relationship with the long time weabezel.
but real color of the GEN is not so white, it is more transparent, the color of the windows of the factory is partial white!

Calendar Font View

Guys can compare for yourself!

Crown Side View

Case Side View

Endlink View

There is no significant difference in the position of the endlink of the four factories.
However, the CLEAN assembly is better. As you can see from the first photo, the connection distance between the inner side and the strap is the best!

Solid Case Back View

Strap Detail View

CLEAN's clasp is still very well done, the closure feels good, there is a certain sense of damping, and it does not feel stiff. The other three factories are a little worse.

Laser Marker and Luminous View

As we said in the blue yacht comparison, the CLEAN factory seems to have adjusted the graphics generation of the laser mark.
To be honest, the laser punctuation is too dense, and the overall feeling is not as good as before, which is what I don't understand!

Movement View

The VR3235 movement used by CLEAN and CS, while the VR3135 movement used by VR and GM, the factory should be upgraded to 3235 movement later.

Data Comparison View

Well, today's post is here, thank you guys for browsing, if there are any mistakes, please correct me.
If there is anything else I overlooked, you can put it up, and I will try my best to do it Complementary and comprehensive, welcome to comment and exchange!
I will continue to posting you more detailed comparisons between representatives and GEN, and also to allow guys to better choose their favorite style representatives,
Description: (Some photos deviate from the real object due to the problem of the light. The details are mainly written in text.
The size of the comparison picture is relatively large. You can download it and enlarge it for comparison.)
There is no perfect representative, only your favorite representative.

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