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Let’s quit the crap, today we will bring you the comprehensive comparison of Submariner 116613LB GEN, VS, Clean, GM, KING.

Dial front view



Cell phone photos


What the guys care about most is the dial color. According to the comparison of real objects, the blue radiating pattern of the factories are too dark, and the colors are all bright when we look closely.

I personally think the smallest color difference is GM factory, while VS, Clean, KING color are similar.

Side view of bezel


Comparing from the bezel color, Clean is very similar to GEN which are both dark blue. As for other three factories, there are some difference with the dark blue and light blue. But it's worth praising that each factory did a great job in bezel brightness!

Crystal side photo


For the secondary polishing treatment of the edges of the crystal, VS and GEN are very close, followed by CLEAN. And GM polishing is too obvious, while KING directly did not do polishing.

Side view of the fluted bezel


There's no big difference in the shape of any of the fluted bezel.

View of the bezel engrawing






GEN’s color of the stick is gold filler which color looks very deep. The factory filler color looks a bit whiter than GEN. I have carefully looked at the filling of gold powder and found VS factory has the cleanest filling.

There is no overflow of gold powder and blank edges. The sticker marker slots in GM and KING factories are too shallow. But Clean is closest to GEN in terms of smooth case kit lugs treatment and shape of the digital marker.

Pearl View


GEN's night pearl is warm white with a hint of yellow while Clean's is too jade-like, resulting in a color too yellow. And the other three factories have made them white! VS is closest to GEN in terms of the pearl's Mosaic and height.

Side view of the sticker



For the case kit and polishing of the edges of the stickers, the four factories are very good and all have their own advantages. From the overall view, I personally think Clean's overall score will be higher, you can also express your opinion.

Filled view for luminous material


Each factory has done the luminous granularity and I feel that the process above the difference is not much. You can discuss in the comments section for who do it better.

Oil printing font view






In terms of the printing of the dial, I observe that the filling material for replica and GEN are a bit different, so there are some differences in the overall brightness.

But the difference between the four factories is not very obvious from the three-dimensional printing and the font, except for the printing of the 12 o'clock position of GM factory, which looks too thin.

Personally, I think the oil printing filling of the dial and the polishing details of the sticker are very important parts of a watch. After all, what we look at most is the dial. So it is indeed a happy thing that the factories are hard to distinguish in this aspect.

Middle axle view



First of all, we looked at the shape of the central axis and found VS is the closest to GEN. The rest of the factory middle axle are n a different form.

In seeing the seconds hand center, the flatness of the center is also more critical. And for this part, VS does the best. But from the point of view of the three-dimensional pointer, clean with the best hands,

the second is VS, the third is King. GM's hands is the thinnest and not three-dimensional.

Calendar window and calendar font view

For the edges of the window, KING did not do smooth case kit lugs treatment and the other three factories are very good!

I did not do too much comparison on calendar font. Guys who care about this aspect can see for themselves to compare!

Rehaut view


My first Panda Daytona comparison has mentioned it. In fact, GEN’s process is different in terms of rehaut engraving with other replicas. So from the picture you can obviously see the difference. But now Clean's process and font is getting closer and closer to GEN. In this aspect, Clean does the best, the other three factories seems different

Crown view



The more concerned problem is the color of the plating. And from the color of the crown and mouth, we can see that VS and KING factory plating color are obviously too yellow, GM looks too dull. Relatively speaking, although there are also differences in clean color, but looks more comfortable!

Case side view



 Back case view


Those interested in the back case can observe the partial detail view, each factory has a different treatment.

Sel and pin view


Overall, VS is the closest to GEN on the structure . And from the first picture you can see that the yellow part of the middle of the strap where VS and GM have done the secondary treatment process of beveling.

This detail is commendable, Clean and KING seems ignored this point.

Strap details view






In the buckle engraving, clean factory is the clearest, but from the engraving process also some difference with the GEN. The second is King factory, VS and GM engraving are engraved too shallow.

We can see the last picture for the extension of the strap articulation place. Clean's middle part has to do plated treatment, the other three factories did not pay attention to this detail. Clean’s details really not bad.

Strap partial detail view


From the first picture, we can see that VS and Clean have gold plating on the strap screw holes like GEN, while GM and KING do not.

In the second picture, we can see that Clean, as advertised, has an exclusive three-stage connection structure, which is true, and the middle part is also gold-plated, while VS is also gold-plated, but both GM and KING seem to have forgotten this step.

Luminous and the Laser Etched view


This time, the Laser Etched is a little blurred. I feel that the KING factory laser mark is still doing a good job. You can refer to it through the picture.

Movement View


Except for GM which uses the VR3135 movement, the other three factories all use the VS3135 movement.I also noticed that many friends are concerned about Rolex instantaneous calendar and slow-jumping calendar.

I will give you a summary: VS3135 movement is instantaneous calendar and clockwise adjustment time, VR3135 movement is slow jump calendar and clockwise adjustment time.

GEN is instantaneous calendar and clockwise adjustment time. If you have any questions you are interested in, please leave them in the comments section. When I see it, I'll answer your questions in my roundup.

Data comparison chart






Note: Two small sections of the GEN strap have been removed,all measurements are card-tight state, may be due to the slight deviation of the caliper position error. In addition GEN intercepted the strap, the replicas have steel strap protective film is not torn.

Well, today's post is here, thank you for watching. If there are mistakes, please correct me. If there are places I overlooked, you can put forward. I will try to add as much as possible to the comprehensive. Welcome to comment exchange!

I will continue to bring you more replicas and GEN's detailed comparison, but also in order to let the guys better choose your favorite style replicas.

Illustration: (Some photos because of the light source problems lead to deviations from the real thing, the details or text-based descriptions, comparative picture size is relatively large, you can download down to enlarge the comparison.)
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