Hi everyone, I'm Steve, here I am again.

This time I bring you a full comparison between the 126610LV GEN and several replicas!

As far as style is concerned, the first generation of the submariner in the classic color scheme of black dial and green bezel is also my personal favorite!

Without further crap, let's get to work!

Bezel front view and side view

There is no color difference with the black dial, but mainly depends on the color of the green bezel; VS and CELAN both use the clean bezel,

which is claimed to be the closest to the gen, and through repeated observation and comparison in kind, the color is slightly darker than that of the GEN.

Sapphire crystal side view

It’s not very good to compare due to light about the comparison photos. In real life, VS and JOKER are better. (The side shape of the JOKER is closest to the GEN)

Side view of the Pearl

The color of the pearls all deviate from the gen, the GEN color is white with a touch of yellow! This is difficult for all factories to control, VS and GM go for white, CLEAN and JOKER go for yellow!

In addition, clean’s sunken shape of the edge of the pearl is the closest to GEN.

The Gen’s distance from the triangular edge of the pearl is small and all three edges are the same distance apart!

All factories have at least one side that is significantly too large, obviously due to differences in the size of the cylindrical supports or deviations in the mounting position!

In fact, this problem can be avoided in too much concern, and is difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Bezel Marker

Personally, I think the colors are pretty much the same from the factory, and the bar scales are pretty good on the inner edges of the cut corners!

If you really want to differentiate, I'll leave it to you!

Teeth side view

The bezel shape of the VS factory is closest to the GEN, followed by the C factory, the GM oval shape is on the lean side.

The JOKER's curved sharp corners are on the small side, and the overall brushed pattern is also the best restored by the VS!

Dial marker side view

In summary, there are no significant deviations in the shape and polish of the scales from any of the factories!

There is no superiority or inferiority, which is the basic style expected of a major factory!

Lume coating front view

VS and Clean Factory are both quite grainy, GM and JOKER are almost smooth!

Dial font view

VS and C Factory continues to be better for the overall print control!

Hand view

VS and C Factory’s center shaft shape both have a skeletonised solid construction, although the top shape deviates.

The GM and JOKER are somewhat worse, being completely closed.

The edges of the hands are always in VS's favor, clean and almost burr-free, whereas all the other factories have burrs and rust!

Rehaut view

It goes without saying that it is obvious for the engraving on the GM and JOKER is blackened and the lettering is on the thin side

Crown view

The crown teeth are better rounded on VS and JOKER, CLEAN and GM are both a bit sharp

Lug view

We did a comparison video between the Panda Daytona 116500 and the black 116500 earlier and found that in fact the Rolex head and lugs aren't set in stone.

It could have something to do with the length of wear, or it may related to the different years of production of the GEN! So I don't think this is a necessary option for your choice of comparison.

The view also shows that the top of the GEN lugs does not actually sink, the VS, CLEAN and GM all sink more significantly, but the JOKER sinks the least and is closer to the GEN overall!

Straps view

VS and GM do a great job for the screws and slotted holes in the links of the strap, JOKER's are worse.

Laser and lume view

The messy arrangement of the GEN laser markers is always difficult to imitate and the VS has the most intense luminous effect.

Movement view

This time we took an open cap shot of the movement just to see the GEN 3235 in all details.

The powerful 3235 movement is truly fascinating, with its sexy blue spring, like a beautiful woman's silky smoothness!

Then the replica factories colors all look too dull, but of course we can't ask for too much, it's nice to see the overall construction in line with the GEN!

The VS adopt the Danton 3235 movement, which also has the advantage of a power reserve measured at around 70 hours, which is still great! And after nearly two years of market validation, its stability is also very high!

CLEAN, GM and JOKER all use the Shanghai 3235 movement, which has a measured power reserve of around 40 hours, and the feedback from the domestic market is that the return rate is high!

Comparative chart of various data

Note: All measurements are taken in a snug fit and may be inaccurate due to slight deviations in caliper position, all reps have protective film not removed, GEN intercepted a section of steel tape!

Well, this is today's post, thank you guys for watching, if there are mistakes improper, please correct me, if there are any places I overlooked, you can put forward, I will try to add as comprehensive as possible for it, welcome to comment exchange!

I will continue to bring you more detailed comparison between the replicas and GEN, but also in order to let the guys better choose their favorite style representative.

The next style we will get out of Rolex, after all, Rolex style, I believe that many guys are already very clear!

**Note: (Some of the photos because of the light source problems lead to deviations from the real thing, details or text descriptions, comparison picture size is relatively large, you can download down to enlarge the comparison.)

There is no perfect replica, only the one you love the most.

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