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steve 06 Mar 0 3104
Hello everyone, I'm Steve This time we will compare with of Yacht-Master 126622-0001 Gen, Clean, VR, GM, CS. Let’s beginning!Front Dial View and natural light photoThere are a little color different of dial between four factories by repeated testing.GEN is gray-brown in sunshine light,The Gm is clos..
steve 06 Mar 0 3014
Hi, I'm Steve.Let’s quit the crap, today we will bring you the comprehensive comparison of Submariner 116613LB GEN, VS, Clean, GM, KING.Dial front viewCell phone photosWhat the guys care about most is the dial color. According to the comparison of real objects, the blue radiating pattern of the fact..
steve 06 Mar 0 5941
Hello everyone.Today we bring you a full comparison of the GEN Blue datejust 126334 with several major manufacturers! Let's get right to it! Front view There is unavoidable about the color difference in the blue dial, the GEN is a dark blue, the AR factory deviates the most and looks similar to a fa..
06 Mar 0 3688
Hello everyone, A few days ago we have post an article of 2021 Gen Daytona and made a compare with Noob, clean and BT factory with all details.Here is the link: panda-daytona-116500-gen-vs-noob-clean-v2-bt-v2Many people are very interested in the black Daytona as well, so here it comes now!Let's cut..
steve 02 Dec 0 4303
Hi everyone, I'm Steve, here I am again.This time I bring you a full comparison between the 126610LV GEN and several replicas!As far as style is concerned, the first generation of the submariner in the classic color scheme of black dial and green bezel is also my personal favorite!Without further cr..
steve 02 Dec 0 1942
Hello everyone, this is Steve, I’m back!In the past, the first choice of Yacht-Master 226659 is always VS. With the launch of this model by Clean, there are more choices, of course comparison follows.Wherever VS and Clean appears at the same time, Steve would be hard-working there, so let’s cut the ..
steve 02 Dec 0 2019
Hi everyone, I'm Steve and I'm back. I have taken a lot of detailed comparisons between GEN and replica watches before, so this time I will make a comparison between the real and fake 3135 movements for everyone.As we all know, the best replica version of the 3135 movement is the 3135 movement from ..
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