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steve 20 Oct 0 2673
Hello everyone, this is Steve and I'm back.Last time we did a comparative review of the Explorer generation, so this time let's take to the sky and see how the replica factories have done with the Air King.I have to say, Rolex watch series names are quite elaborate, from the submarine in the sea, t..
steve 08 Oct 0 1784
The clock is ticking, what's gone are the years, what's unchanged is the heart, let the time rush away, I only care about you.Hello everyone, I am Steve, I am back.I have written comparison post after comparison post, I've bought and sold genuine watches, I've sold them and bought them again, even..
steve 30 Sep 0 1949
Hello, everyone, This is Steve and I am backA few months ago we did a comparison of Oyster Perpetuals, but unfortunately the timing wasn't right, shortly after the post was published, VS released Oyster Perpetual, and at the time I was thinking that Clean would release as well,after all, the two to..
steve 01 Sep 0 1669
Hello, I'm Steve, I'm back.The end of the last air king comparison , we can not return to the ground for the time being , after all , the yellow lightning in the starry sky is still waiting for us ,Milgauss as Rolex's super anti-magnetic models , its unique green crystal and lightning seconds hand f..
steve 29 Aug 0 2712
Hello, I'm Steve, I'm back.With the VSF factory also joined the Oyster Perpetual series of camp, CLean factory is finally unable to hold back, also began to expand their own product line,recently released 36mm Oyster Perpetual, Explorer I and the Air King, although these series is not particularly p..
steve 08 Jul 0 5447
Hi everyone, I'm Steve, I'm back and I seem to be back more often these days, hope you don't mind, haha.Time flies, it's been more than a year since I did this kind of work, and I still remember Steve's first comparison post started with the daytona series,and recently the APS factory also released..
steve 04 Jul 0 3493
Hello, everyone. Here is Steve, as you all know, the long-awaited 3285 movement is finally released! It comes from the Dandong movement factory and is currently used exclusively by the Clean factory,and the quality of the GMT Master II series from the clean factory has also long been recognized by e..
steve 27 Jun 0 2779
Hello everyone, it's Steve and I'm backAbout Rolex model comparison, we have done a lot of issues, during the period I also occasionally find time to do some other brands of comparison, but Steve is a very stubborn person, if not all the Rolex series to do a comparison,I will feel imperfect, ha ha, ..
steve 21 Jun 0 1337
Hello everyone, this is Steve and I'm back.This time we bring you a comprehensive comparison of women's models. Although male friends are the majority of this forum members, there must be a certain number of female friends.We can't only focus on the comparison of male models, take care of you femal..
steve 13 Jun 0 2872
Hi everyone, this is Steve, I'm back.Last year, we did a comprehensive comparison for Yacht Master 126622-0002 between GEN and relica factories.All-round comparison: Blue Yacht-Master 126622-0002 Gen, Clean, VR, GM, CS - Rolex - RWG: Replica Watch Guide ForumYou can click this link to view more det..
steve 03 Jun 0 2618
Hello everyone, this is Steve and I'm back.Today I’m going to bring you a comprehensive comparison of the entry-level model of the Rolex - Oyster Perpetual.In the beginning of this year, I had planned to do a comparison of the Oyster Perpetual. It is not as popular as other Rolex series, after all,..
steve 27 May 0 2413
Hello, guys. I'm Steve and I'm back.We've been working on male models comparisons for a while now, until recently I realized that we hadn't done any female comparisons, so here it is.Although there are only two factories producing tanks, AF and K11, and most friends are familiar with the best option..
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